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I am an authorized representative of CDC Larue Industries this company is an American made company . Buy the best the first time!!WE ship all around the world !

CDCLarue Pulse-Bac® Vacuums represents a quantum leap forward in the vacuum industry. This revolutionary design in vacuum filtration does what no other vacuum can; prevent the filters from clogging during operation. Pulse-Bac Automatic Self-Cleaning Vacuum Control Technology internally flushes vacuum filters clear of dust and debris using only vacuum and ambient air. No compressors, blowers, shakers or buttons to push.

The best ideas are usually simple, and that is no different with Pulse-Bac Technology. The Pulse-Bac vacuum system works like all other vacuums, a vacuum motor pulls ambient air through an inlet into a collection chamber, and then through a filter to exhaust the air back out to ambient air. That is how it has been done since the beginning of time. But now Pulse-Bac Technology takes that basic design and uses those same forces to internally flush the filters clear of dust and debris while you work, insuring the filters never clog and you never loose lift or CFM.
Pulse-Bac vacuums were rated # 1 among  leading vacuum equipment tested by outside third party. The Pulse-Bac vacuum achieved the lowest P.E.L. rating (O.S.H.A. permissible exposure limit) during all dust monitoring test, beating all other vacuums hands down. The Pulse-Bac's non-clogging filtration system kept more dust and containments out of the air than all other vacuum equipment tested, and was the only vacuum able to maintain  the same vacuum pressure and static lift during all tests without any loss or change from start to finish. No other vacuum tested was capable of that. Only the Pulse-Bac was able to deliver NON-STOP VACUUM POWER!